Tale of two ghats:

Jhenaidah being a river-centric city, a lot of small steps (Ghats) were used in past. Now a lot of them were lost for lack of proper maintenance.

A few of them were re-designed and on it's way of construction by a group of architects, and the citizen of Jhenaidah. 

Naboganga Trimohoni Ghat:

At the centre of the city, a large Ghat was built and used for public gathering and used in different occasions. but due to lack of maintenance, it slowly was broken, and gradually, the city turned it's back on the river.  After the Jhenaidah Road and open space workshop, the citizens wanted to revive their old ghat.


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Shatbaria Ghat:

A lower-income community of Shatbaria, in Jhenaidah, was facing problem due to a broken ghat. The dwellers, could not use the river adjacent to it and was dumping their kitchen waste in the river. For that, a small workshop was arranged to gather all the community people and they were asked to build a model of their dream ghat.  Seeing their aspiration, the group of architects designed a buildable model of the ghat.



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