Co-creating road and open spaces, Jhenaidah city design:

We believe, that to make a city successful, sustainable and essential, a collaborative effort of city dwellers towards designing their own city is inevitable. And we arranged a workshop, where the people of the city shared their ideas and discuss the past and future of the city. Just so their discussions and information are unprompted and spontaneous, they were segregated according to age, gender and ability groups.

  1. Children

  2. Teenage Girls

  3. Teenage boys

  4. Elderly

  5. Adult women from Lower-income Community

  6. Adult Men from Lower-income Community

Each group were asked two questions.
1. How do they want to see the roads?
2. How do they want to see the open spaces?

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-All the participants were shown a presentation on example people made cities.

-They were asked to write down the list of visions on the basis of the question.
-They were asked to draw separate illustrations of their ideas of SIdeal Street and open space.

All the ideas from the discussion, illustrations, and write-ups, were jotted down and a few visuals were created to show comparative differences between the existing and the possible situation of the city.

I was a part of this workshop, when I was a part of Co.Creation.Architects. All rights of pictures are reserved by Co.Creation.Architects.